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What we do

Comalytics aligns your sales channels and buying from your suppliers to be powerful and insightful to you, your sales team and your customers. We have unique features that makes it easier and intuitive for your customers to buy from you. We are a pragmatic stepping stone to Omnichannel E-Commerce!


 Why choose Comalytics?
 Here is how you can beat the competition:

  • Intelligent Sales

    Professional distinctive e-stores with intelligently designed features to attract more customers and increase sales. Online, in store and on smart devices.

  • Better Service

    Individualised customer experience and pricing for your contract customers. Quick and simple ordering with real time info online and on the road.

  • Smart Decisions

    Real time sales and procurement insight across all your outlets to make smart decisions with foresight, not hindsight

  • Connected Info

    We connect with your systems to ensure you have comprehensive information at your fingertips across all outlets, franchisees or regions.

  • Fast Value

    We can deploy to your business at a fraction of the time and cost of implementing bloated competitors solutions, error prone DIY solutions or the headache of knitting together open source solutions.

Case Studies

Computer distribution






Companies doing better business with Comalytics

So How Do You Differentiate Yourself From Your Competitors?

Make it easy to buy from you

Retail customers are becoming more demanding and will buy more from those that make their lives easier and more convenient. They expect quick and knowledgeable sales staff and want a personalised experience with stock availability, pricing and product features online and on the go.

Business to Customer Solution

Compel businesses to stay with you

Business customers know what they need to order and expect to place volume orders for products and ancillary products intuitively, quickly and securely. Targeted search, up-to-date availability, their contract pricing, auto repeat ordering and proactive alerts to promotions are important to them

Business to Business Solution

Get the best deal

Harness the power of foresight across your outlets to maximise rebates, discounts, sales and bulk orders. Expand your bargaining power with price comparisons, supplier stock visibility, timely up to date information for events like biannual / quarterly / monthly tenders, renegotiating contracts and more.

Supplier Order Manager

Use us to change your game

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