We integrate with your existing systems for product, customer and financial information (e.g. CRM, ERP, POS systems) to provide a single comprehensive and intuitive view of your on-going business activities across all outlets, regions, or franchises in real-time. Also contact us for integration to your suppliers systems


We have smart technology to provide you and your customers with more relevant and in-depth responses to search queries. It steps beyond common linear matching of a query to information-rich results making it easier to find the right product, accessories and useful information


Our solution were designed and developed to be as easy and intuitive to use as possible. This means that your staff and customers will be ready for self-service with minimal to no training.


Our solutions can be deployed in your business and integrated with your existing systems and processes in a matter of weeks, which is a lot faster than it takes to implement bloated competitor systems, error prone DIY solutions or the headache of knitting together open source solutions.


Comalytics offers exceptional value compared to competitor systems and comes at a fraction of the cost of installing and maintaining those systems or the trail and cost of doing it yourself or through open source.


We offer a cloud-based service that can be easily and securely accessed by you, your team and your customers via the web, tablets or mobiles. This means you are always connected to your business information when you need it most and your business is always connected to your customers when they need you most!


Our business model is to continuously evolve and improve to increase sales and streamline procurement, so over time you will get more for your money without having to invest more


Should you or your team require assistance or encounter any unexpected problems with any aspect of Comalytics, you can log a support call with our service professionals who can advise and help resolve your issues. Each Comalytics client is also assigned an account specialist with whom you can build a trusting relationship to understand your needs and how we best meet them.

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